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"Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised." Proverbs 31:30



To be like Jesus, to be like Jesus all I ask, to be like Him Along life's journey from earth to Glory all I ask to be like Him


I try so hard to be like Jesus. I pray each day to grow more like Him and to Love Him more but sometimes when I look at myself I know I fall short (greatly). Thank God I have a loving Father who knows my every weakness and He understands. Sometimes I would wonder how to show the reflection of Christ in my life, how do I do this? sometimes it takes just a smile or letting someone pass you first in a queue, just standing aside and letting the other person go first. Or indeed listening, just listening to a persons troubles...sharing the load It's the little things like this in life that shows to others ...Love... I pray i maybe more like Jesus


There is an old well worn path At the end of my road Where you can find me quite often To lighten this heavy load

I often speak about my children And ask for their protection That they turn their life to Thee And go in the right direction

Sometimes I just meditate And look over the old farm It still holds all it's beauty And it's old fashion charm

Maybe I come to ask forgiveness For mistakes I have made Feeling low and sorry From the path I had strayed

I always feel uplifted After these little walks I take To have a talk with Jesus All others to forsake

I find Him always here waiting Matters not the day or hour Ready to hold me near His bosom With His sweet healing power

He will never leave or forsake me A promise He has given He'll stay with me till the end With This power I am driven

So many times I've walked to old path To find sweet solace there In the years that's come and gone I have learned my Savior cares

I hope you have a secret closet That you can go when in need And have a little talk with Jesus That may be just what you need

When I am heavy laden I know just where to go no doubt I just take a walk on the old path And my Savior lifts me out

Raylene Boggs Used with permission all rights reserved